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A beginner-friendly library to help you use common electronics components with the Raspberry Pi Pico.

from picozero import LED, Button

led = LED(1)
button = Button(2)

button.when_pressed = led.on
button.when_released = led.off


Beta. There will be bugs and issues. API changes are likely. More devices will be added over time.


Documentation is available at picozero.readthedocs.io:


The code and project is at github.com/RaspberryPiFoundation/picozero.

Issues can be raised at github.com/RaspberryPiFoundation/picozero/issues (see Contributing).

The latest distribution is available at pypi.org/project/picozero/.


picozero is inspired by gpiozero (and reuses some of its underlying structure), but is, by design, lighter weight and aligned with the Raspberry Pi Pico. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the gpiozero project.

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